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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Let's Try This Again...

I'm failing at this "blogging regularly" thing....

It doesn't really help when I primarily write about makeup, but I only wear makeup once a week. (on the plus side? My skin loves the lack of makeup and looks good, minus the dark circles under my eyes.)

When I do wear makeup, I've been sticking with my favorite basics and neutral shadows for a no makeup/makeup look. I gave in and finally purchased an Urban Decay Naked palette, along with the Naked Basics palette (the mini version will be great for travel). Both worthwhile purchases if you like matte/low shimmer eyeshadow and favor neutral shades.

 As of late I've been drooling over the photos of MAC's Archie's Girls collection - it's been a while since I've seen anything from them with interesting colors and packaging. I plan to write up a post of what I got from the collection soon, but I'm enjoying the posts of what everyone else purchased.

My shop has been busy, but I'm looking forward to taking a little break soon. I have plans to visit MG in Chicago later this month (Chicago. In February. what.was.I.thinking???) and take a little break from sewing. I'll likely pick up a new craft while I'm there since it will be too cold to stay out for very long, but maybe we'll be able to take in some sightseeing. I bought a down jacket just for the trip, and my suitcase will be full of sweaters and tops for layering!


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