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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Butter London vs. Zoya Polish - Which Beige is Best?

One of my last purchases in 2012 included delving into Butter London nail polish. Initially I only wanted to try their Hardwear top coat, but I picked up one of their nail polishes as well. I decided to go for a fairly standard shade that would work for just about any occasion.

My choice? Yummy Mummy - toted as their "magic" shade for everyone, a medium beige with silver shimmer. When I got home, it reminded me of another nail polish in my collection - Zoya's Pasha - a pale taupe/beige with silver frost and silver microglitter.

Could Pasha be a less-expensive dupe for Yummy Mummy? Both polishes are free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP (dibutyl pthalate), and Zoya is also free of formaldehyde resin and camphor. Zoya polishes retail for $8, while Butter London retails for $15, and Zoya provides 1/10 of an ounce more (4 mL) than Butter London.

I used the same base coat and top coat for both shades - and as you can see, Pasha and Yummy Mummy are close, but not identical. Yummy Mummy is on my pinky and middle finger, while Pasha is on my ring and index finger. Pasha is a bit darker, and when you compare it to Yummy Mummy, it takes on a cooler hue from the silver shimmer. Yummy Mummy looks more like milk tea. 

Both shades are nice, and while Pasha was the one of the shades I'd reach for when I didn't know what to use on my nails, Yummy Mummy has been growing on me. Both shades would work well for just about anyone, but Pasha is the wallet-friendly version if your polish collection lacks a beige/taupe shade. 

I painted my nails on the 9th, and started to notice fading/chipping on the tips nearly a week later on the 15th - something unheard of for me! I'm notoriously rough on my hands/nails, especially when working on items for my shop (I admit to using my nails as makeshift thimbles when sewing through thick fabric and turning out corners), so the fact that it lasted that long is impressive to me. It's possible that I've found a replacement for my beloved Seche Vite.

What's your favorite Butter London polish? 


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