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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Naturopathica 30 Day Skin Transformation Challenge: Week 3

I'm back with another update on my experience with Naturopathica's 30 Day Skin Regimen kit!

The good news is that the cystic pimples have gone away - I think those were stress-related since I'm still using the skincare products and haven't seen any new ones show up. The bad news is that my eczema has reappeared around the lower half of my face. It's more painful this time around, with my skin feeling tight in addition to flaky spots. So I'm back to using the steroid cream and Vitacreme B12. I'm chalking it up to the major change in the weather the past week, with colder temps and bitter wind. Hopefully the eczema will clear up in a few days with the creams, and my attempt to hydrate internally by drinking copious amounts of water and tea.

I really like the Plant Stem Cell Serum as a stand alone product, although I haven't been able to see all the benefits from using it because of my eczema. I'll post my final thoughts around the 21st, upon completion of using the products for 30 days.

For now, feel free to take advantage of their Valentine's Day sale - 20% off everything with the code LOVE12. (offer ends 15 February 2012 at 3AM, EST)


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