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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zoya Polish Exchange

If you haven't heard about Zoya's Polish Exchange, they are currently offering the opportunity for you to exchange your unwanted/unused nail polish in exchange for a bottle of Zoya nail polish. They will properly dispose of your nail polish and for a small processing fee ($3.50/bottle) you can pick any of their polishes, which are all free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. With over 300 shades to choose from, your only problem will be finding enough old/unwanted polishes to exchange!

A bottle of polish normally runs for $7.00, so you're saving half the price :) The exchange will run until June 30, 2010, and you will need at least 6 bottles (even mini bottles or nail treatments) to participate in the exchange. Please note that the polishes should not be Zoya, Qtica, or Nocti brands. There is no maximum, so you can exchange as many polishes as you've got laying around! For more information, check out their page here.

I mailed in my polishes around the 3rd, and received an updated invoice on the 6th once they received my package and shipped the polishes I chose. They arrived in my mailbox 4 days later, on the 10th. I had a few bottles before participating in the exchange, but here are all of the Zoya polishes that I have, in case you're not sure of what to get:

(all images can be clicked for more detail)

And here are ALL of the swatches...please note that I didn't use any base or top coat, since I was just swatching one hand and quickly removing the polish after taking photos. To follow suit with Catherine's wonderful post about her Zoya Exchange, I painted each nail with a varying level of color, starting with one coat on my pinky and five coats on my thumb/4 coats on my index finger if the polish was already opaque. I would've taken the photos during the day if I could have, but it's been pretty cloudy and/or rainy all week, so these are all taken indoors, with flash. I apologize ahead of time for my dry skin - despite the humidity in the air my skin is still rather dry right now.

Zoya Madison
cool, milky baby pink creme good for French manicures
it's rather streaky after 3 coats, but overall a good formula for a French mani

Zoya Sari
milky, ballet slipper pink creme
also streaky after 3 coats, and a little thicker/goopier than Madison,
but this shade looks a little warmer

Zoya Grace
milky baby peach creme
The formula for Grace was very runny and sheer compared to Madison and Sari.
Between all 3, this is my favorite; more than 3 coats isn't really necessary

Zoya Summer
peachy light brown with orange undertones in a milky creme base
This was a little runny, but the color was opaque after 3 coats. This is a fun, not-quite nude shade that would be fun for summer, as its name portrays :)

Zoya Pasha
a soft, pale taupe-beige with silver tones and microshimmer
I ♥ this shade! The silver adds a cool tone to an otherwise boring beige-y taupe color that makes it really interesting and totally work-appropriate. 3 coats was enough to make it opaque, but this would be fine with just 1 coat.

Zoya Jennifer
warm honey brown with champagne, gold, and copper metallic shimmer
Formula is rather thick and goopy, but totally opaque after 3 coats

Zoya Poppy
coral-orange polish mixed with peach, with gold and silver shimmer
somewhat streaky in application, but opaque in 3-4 coats. This would look great on tanned skin, and perfect for warm sunny days!

Zoya Harley
light, concrete grey mixed with silver, gold, and copper shimmer
Slightly runny formula, opaque after 3 coats. It's a little too cool for my skintone, but that won't stop me from wearing it - it's a gorgeous shimmery grey polish.

Zoya Lexi
shimmery, multichromatic shades of mauve, silver, pink, and blue
I ♥♥♥ this color! The picture really doesn't show just how awesome this shade is - from certain angles it shimmers with warm and cool tones, and you even get little hints of green :)

close-up of index finger with 4 coats; formula is on the thick side but application is fine.

Zoya Coco
dark mauve creme with brown, red, and purple undertones
Formula is pretty thick; semi-opaque after 2 coats, completely opaque after 3. This was a lot darker upon application than what is pictured on the website; I'm not totally sure how I feel about this shade other will probably be a good shade to wear in the Fall.

Zoya Shivon
dark rose-gold with gold duochrome shimmer and hints of berry
The formula for this is pretty good and isn't too runny or thick; 3 coats provided adequate coverage. It changes color depending on the angle and light source, which makes it a rather unique shade.

Zoya Isla
cool-toned deep shimmery red
I know what I'll be wearing come Christmastime! If this doesn't say holiday red, I don't know what does! The formula is good, and semi-opaque after just one coat. Isla has that awesome "lit from within" glow - I could stare at it for hours.

Zoya Moxie
bright berry plum creme
This is a fun color to wear, and semi-opaque after only 1 coat. Formula is a little thick, but there are no streaks. I like wearing this on my toes when I want to change up the usual reds or bright pinks that I normally wear.

Zoya Hope
cool-toned violet purple with red, blue, and silver shimmer
Ohmygah this color just rocks! It's a vibrant royal purple with a decent formula, and becomes opaque after 3 coats.

Zoya Ki
multichromatic shade with silver, purple, blue, and green microshimmer
Formula is ok and applies opaque after 3 coats. This doesn't quite capture all the multichromatic goodness, but this is another fun one that changes color depending on the angle and amount of light.

Zoya Suvi
emerald green shimmer in a smoky base
Formula is rather sheer and streaky, but opaque after 3 coats. It's a nice, deep emerald green if you want to add a dark, shimmery green to your collection.

Zoya Kotori
bright blue shimmer mixed with a smoky base
Similar to Suvi, this applies really streaky and sheer at first, but it evens out after the 3rd coat. This reminds me of Under the Stars from Rescue Beauty Lounge, but Kotori has more shimmer.

Zoya Angelina
vampy chocolate brown creme
Yup, that's what it is. Somewhat streaky formula that balances out after 3 coats. A good alternative if you don't want to wear black polish.

Zoya Casey
rich, darkened red-purple creme
I think I found something that tops my favorite vampy Revlon Vixen! Formula applies evenly and is opaque after 3 coats, intense after 4. It's dark with just enough plummy-red to stand out from black polish.

After seeing some of the swatches from Catherine's post, I need to find 6 more polishes and get my hands on Lola and Deidra! Perhaps Zara and Happi as well, and two other shades.... now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to slather my hands with some lotion and hope for the best!


  1. ooo yay for your growing zoya collection, and thank sooo much for the swatches! I love summer! :) you girls are just making me lem for more colors hahaha

    I hope your cuticles are okay!!! thanks for the useful swatches, you are the best :)

  2. Wow, so much polishes! Thanks for the swatches :) Moxi and Summer are so pretty~

  3. pretty swatches! I love Summer Zoya :D it's a great deal with the exchanges too.

  4. Thts a lot of nail polishes! Great job with all those swatches!

  5. This must have taken you an age to do!! I appreciate your effort 100% and shall refer to this post henceforth when I am contemplating nail colours.

  6. I always wanted to do the Zoya exchange but I figured I have enough polishes as it is LOL but your post has brought back the temptation. Great Zoya collection! Thanks so much for the lovely swatches as well. I was lemming about Zoya Harley for so long, finally got it, and it looks terrible on my skin tone. Go figure!

  7. i love these swatches! thanks so much for putting them up. i'm torn between what colors to get (and with 300.. it is soooo hard to decide) and this definitely helps. :] thank you thank you!!

    i am loving shivon and lexi!!

  8. Whoa, major polish porn here! XD Would you believe it if I told you I'm a Zoya virgin? Hehe. They are all awesome colors with Lexi being my fave. =D

    P.S Had no clue they were made by the same company!

  9. Wow pulled a temptalia with all of those

    Thanks for the info!!

  10. Lulu: I can't wait to see the Zoya polishes that you got! pics! piiiiiics!

    Dina: Moxie was the first polish I got, it's a fun, bright shade :)

    Catherine: I was inspired by your post(s) to share, haha...hopefully after my 2nd order this will keep me from being tempted to buy any more polish for a while!

    Nic: it's definitely a great promo to help get rid of old polishes & try some of their awesome shades!

    Anastacia: thank you!

    Glow: I don't know how the dedicated nail bloggers do it! Even just a few shades takes up a good portion of time!

    Kalmo: haha, it's an easy way to indulge in a few new items while getting rid of any shades that didn't work for you at the same time :) I so wanted Harley to look as lovely as it did when I was searching for images, but Pasha was a nice surprise, so I'm happy :)

    clover: I'm glad I could help! it's a lot easier to figure out what to get when you can see the shades on someone's nail :) hope you pick some great colors!

    Shop N Chomp: now would be a great time to get your first couple of Zoya polishes :) I would've overlooked Lexi if I hadn't randomly been browsing images - it's a truly unique shade!

    Tammy: I don't know how Temptalia does it - she's got some major dedication to do all the swatches (nail polish or not) for her blog!

  11. Wow I am totally doing this!!! Thanks so much for letting us know girl!

  12. OMG, thanks for the swatches! They look amazing~

    Girl, your nail polish collection is growing at an alarming rate haha XD

  13. That's a pretty good deal! And looks like you got a whole new collection going on now! LOL!

    Thanks for all the swatchies!! Dang...

  14. Wow! That's an amazing deal! Thanks for posting up info/swatches :)

  15. you deserve a round of applause for your swatches! hahahaa. i'm loving summer and poppy :D

  16. I've just recently found out about this polish exchange and I'm about to go out and mail out my old nail polishes. Only problem is I do not know what method to mail them out with. I was told since these items are flammable items I would have to mail them out using a different method. How did you mail out your polishes? Did you have to request any speical labels? Please help.



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