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Friday, June 06, 2008

Pardon the Haphazard Post Right Now

I am seriously about to burst with all the stuff I want to write about but I just haven't got the time, so here's a bullet list...

  • For last week's Freebie Friday winners - I'm going to the Post Office first thing tomorrow morning (as soon as they're open, anyway) to mail off your mystery products. I am really sorry for the delay :( but I hope you still enjoy what you get!
  • Joppa Minerals has a limited limited time offer where you can get a 6-piece sample kit of 2 foundations, 1 finishing powder, 1 concealer, and 2 blushes for only one penny plus the cost of shipping. (Thanks for the tip, Tracy!) I've seen quite a few bloggers mention how great Joppa is, so I ordered the sample kit, along with a few more foundation samples. Since I paid via Paypal and had a credit on my account from another return, my purchase was essentially free :)
  • More product reviews are coming up, they're all in draft form right now. I just have to load up photos and finish writing them.
  • I'd post FOTDs but my makeup has been pretty standard, especially with the heatwave that's about to hit DC this weekend. I'm going to try playing with some of the colors that I have though.
I don't like to mention my personal life too much on this site, mostly because it's so public - anyone can read my posts and lurk around as long as they please. Although this bothers me a little, I don't want to change the privacy settings on my page because (hopefully) there are ladies (and maybe a few gents) that pick up information from some of my product reviews from a simple Google search, since I did exactly the exact same thing before I created my blog. I'm sure my blog has shown up in a few search results, much like anyone else's...and for that reason, I am going to keep my blog public, but I will still monitor comments.

That being said, I got some AWESOME news yesterday in regards to a new job, and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to start. So.Damn.Happy =D I am doing a Happy Snoopy Dance in my head, that's how excited I am right now.


  1. don't worry about rushing to send me off anything. i know that you're busy! oh, and i know what you mean about not wanting to post up personal stuff! it's crazy to know what pops up about you online! you can find out about people you don't even know!!!! scary!

  2. you're welcome! can't wait to try out the joppa stuff. you've got me curious about the new job. :P

    have a great weekend!

  3. congrats on the new job! i know what you mean about personal stuff. i'm so paranoid someone from work or a family member will stumble on my site one day so i never talk about those topics.

    But sometimes i feel so cold and clinical in my blog and try to write a bit more personal, however i usually end up with a disconcerting feeling that i wrote a bit too much.

  4. ohh congrats on the new job!!!

  5. congrats on the new job! :)

    i feel the same way about writing personal stuff on my blog. i will touch bases on certain personal things, but not too much. :P like school... i'll mention it if i feel it's necessary (hiatus due to finals), but nothing else... unless i passed the class with an A. LOLOLOL. JK! :)

  6. Congrats on the job!

    I hear you on the personal life issue. It's just a bit creepy how much someone could find out about you if you chose to blog about it.

  7. congrats on your new job hun!!


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